How to Make New Friends in Berlin

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

One of the most daunting things about moving to a new city can be whether you’ll meet people. We’ve compiled a list of the best ways to connect with people when you’re new to Berlin.

1. Girl Gone International – one for the girls. GGI is a global community for female expats and travellers with meet-ups in 47 cities. GGI has a big presence in Berlin, and run many events like cocktail parties and group dinners.

2. Berlin Expats – the founder's vision for the group is for it to help people experience some of the 'real berlin'. This group has a huge membership. The facebook page is a good way to post questions about Berlin and getting set-up, and also a good place to look for flatshares.

3. Couchsurfing – this is not just for staying on random peoples couches, but is a large international community of travellers and nomads. Couchsurfers in Berlin arrange weekly meet-ups as well as a large variety of events from picnics to house parties.

4. Facebook is a great tool for meeting people in Berlin, there are hundreds of Berlin Facebook groups join some groups and get involved.

5. Dating Apps, for those single people out there! Dating apps are a great way to meet people and maybe even find a local boyfriend/girlfriend – we rate the female-friendly app, Bumble, which is popular in Germany. Berlin is the perfect city for app dating. If a date doesn’t go well, there are small chances you’ll face the embarrassment of bumping into them again! Bumble is not just a dating app, it can also be used for finding new friends.

6. Hobtime – a startup based in Berlin, Hobtime is an app for planning events and activities with friends that you haven't met yet. Hobtime members often arrange events for people who are new to Berlin.

7. Friends of friends. Chances are you know someone that has a friend of a friend, of a friend in Berlin! Get set up on a friend date! That person was also new to Berlin once and will be probably keen to meet up. Many great friends start off as a friend of friends. You’re bound to have more in common than just a mutual friend.

8. With Nomaden Berlin. The easiest way to make friends is to connect with other people who have also just moved to Berlin and you can do that with Nomaden. Our Nomaden Kickstarter programme includes welcome drinks, tours, events & meet-ups and we arrange monthly events with Nomaden alumni so you'll always be meeting new people. With Nomaden, you won’t be lonely – everyone on the programme will also be new to Berlin so you’ll have plenty of people to explore the city with.