Anmeldung in Berlin! Studio Apartments Including Address Registration in Berlin

Updated: Feb 10

A comprehensive guide to completing your Anmeldung in Berlin in 2019. From booking an appointment at a Berlin Bürgeramt (town hall) and completing the relevant address registration paperwork, to receiving your address registration certificate and tax ID, this guide aims to ensure your Anmeldung in Berlin goes smoothly.

Need accommodation in Berlin to register an address? At Nomaden Berlin, we offer 30-day private studio accommodation in Berlin that includes Anmeldung. Check out our Berlin Kickstarter and Berlin Pro relocation packages to see how we can guarantee you register an address in your first week in Berlin.

What is Anmeldung?

Anmeldung is the process of registering at a specific address in Berlin to confirm that you live there. Sounds straightforward, right? Well, while the administrative process is simple enough, finding a property to register at in Berlin is becoming harder by the day due to an increasingly competitive rental market and more stringent requirements by the authorities.

Why do you need to complete your Anmeldung in Berlin?

Registering an address in Berlin is a legal requirement and is the first thing you should aim to complete when relocating to the German capital. After completing your Anmeldung in Berlin, you’ll be issued with two essential documents:

  • Your certificate of registration in Berlin (Meldebescheinigung). Your registration certificate confirms that you are registered at a specific address in Berlin. You require this to sign up for most bank accounts, sign up for a phone/internet contract, register at a gym, etc. However, most crucially, you require your certificate of registration to apply for a visa at the immigration office in Berlin, whether this is an Employment Visa, Working Holiday Visa, Job Seekers Visa or Freelance Visa. In short, a delay in completing your Anmeldung in Berlin will lead to a delay in applying for a work visa, which will ultimately lead to a delay in starting work in Berlin.

  • Your tax ID (Steueridentifikationsnummer). This is your tax identification number that is issued to you for life. In short, your employer needs your tax ID when starting work in Germany. If you are unable to provide this, you will be taxed at the highest possible rate (EEK!).

Read on for further info about who is required to complete their Anmeldung in Berlin and step-by-step guidance on exactly how to complete your address registration, including advice on how to secure an Anmeldung appointment at a Berlin Bürgeramt.

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Who needs to complete their Anmeldung in Berlin?

If you plan on staying in Berlin for more than 3 months, then you must register your address at one of the city’s Bürgerämter (town halls).

In recent years, Berlin has got stricter with regards to Anmeldung. You are no longer able to register at most hostels or hotels. Added to this, there is a lot of speculation whether you can simply register at a friend’s place. Firstly, you should be aware that it’s against the law to register somewhere that you aren’t actually living. Secondly, doing this without the landlord’s knowledge can lead to considerable issues for the tenant as the landlord will be notified when people register at their property – the landlord may accuse the tenant of illegally subletting the property, which can be grounds for eviction. The same applies for subletting in general.

Our advice is to always check with the landlord that address registration is possible before signing any sublet agreements or handing over a deposit/rent.

So, now to the juicy stuff!

How to complete your Anmeldung in Berlin

Here are the 6 key steps to completing your Anmeldung in Berlin:

Step 1 Book or arrange accommodation in Berlin that allows Anmeldung

Quite simply, if you don’t have an apartment lined up where you can complete your Anmeldung, then you won’t be able to register your address in Berlin. If you are struggling to find suitable accommodation, our Berlin Kickstarter and Berlin Pro programmes include 30-day private studio accommodation in Berlin with Anmeldung. As part of the programmes, we provide an appointment booking service and will complete all the necessary address registration paperwork that you will require at your appointment.

Step 2 – Book an Anmeldung appointment at a Bürgeramt in Berlin

To register an address in Berlin, you need to book an Anmeldung appointment at a Bürgeramt in Berlin. The appointment type is called Anmeldung einer Wohnung and you can attend an appointment at any Bürgeramt in Berlin, not just the one in your local district.

By far the easiest way to secure an Anmeldung appointment at a Bürgeramt in Berlin is to book one online. You can search for and book available Anmeldung appointments here. To find all appointments currently available in Berlin, click Termin berlinweit suchen on the page that opens. Once you have booked your Anmeldung appointment, you will be emailed a confirmation that will include your appointment number (Vorgangsnummer), time and date of appointment, etc.

The booking period for Anmeldung appointments in Berlin is 4 – 6 weeks. However, if you need an appointment more urgently, Nomaden Berlin can assist you through our relocation programmes to secure a same-week Anmeldung appointment. This will save you from experiencing any delays in getting registered in Berlin.

As an alternative to booking an Anmeldung appointment online, you can also book an appointment by calling 115 (dial 030 first if calling from a mobile). However, the phone operators often don’t speak English so the most convenient method is to definitely to book online (unless you fancy practising your German skills!).

Less central Bürgerämter often have far more availability than those located in Berlin’s central districts. 

Step 3 – Get your landlord or lead tenant (Hauptmieter) to complete and sign a Wohnungsgeberbestätigung form.

The Wohnungsgeberbestätigung form is a simple form that grants you permission to register at the address in Berlin. It’s most common for the landlord to complete the Wohnungsgeberbestätigung form but the lead tenant (Hauptmieter) can also do this if permitted by the landlord.

Step 4 – Complete and sign an Anmeldung form for Berlin

The Anmeldung form is a one-page form where you detail the address you will be registering at as well as some of your personal details. Below is a completed example form that you can use as a reference when completing your own Anmeldung form. Remember to add your signature and the signing date in the bottom right-hand box of the Anmeldung form.

If you are needing assistance with completing the Anmeldung form, we highly recommend this tool that will help you complete the form in just a few minutes (and it’s entirely in English!).

It’s important that you include where in your apartment block the apartment is located. You can do this in the ‘Straße, Hausnummer, Zusätze’ field of the Anmeldung form. As a minimum, you should specify the floor number and whether the apartment is on the left (Li), in the middle (Mi) or on the right (Re) as you approach it. If you are in an apartment block with a courtyard and multiple entrances, you should further specify where in the apartment complex your apartment is. If your apartment is located at the front of the building, you also need to write VH (Vorderhaus). If located at the back of the building, write HH (Hinterhaus), and if located in one of the wings you write SF (Seitenflügel).

One further point to note is that the Anmeldung form requests that you enter your religious affiliation. Unless you enter that you are not affiliated with a religion (oa), you may be liable for Kirchensteuer (Church Tax). Church Tax amounts to approximately 8% of your income tax, a potentially costly mistake considering it’s just one seemingly innocuous box on a form.

Step 5 – Attend your address registration appointment at the Bürgeramt in Berlin

Once your landlord has completed a Wohnungsgeberbestätigung form and you have completed an Anmeldung form, it’s time to attend your Anmeldung appointment at the Bürgeramt in Berlin. For a smooth Anmeldung appointment, you should:

  • Arrive at the Bürgeramt in Berlin 15 minutes prior to your appointment. If you miss your Anmeldung appointment number (Vorgangsnummer), they will simply move on to the next appointment and you will need to book a new appointment.

  • Wait in the waiting area until your appointment number (Vorgangsnummer) is shown on the electronic board.

  • Hand over your completed Wohnungsgeberbestätigung form, Anmeldung form and passport to the Bürgeramt worker.

  • The Bürgeramt worker will now process your Anmeldung, a process that takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes.

You will receive your address registration certificate (Anmeldebestätigung or Meldebescheinigung) at the end of your appointment. Cherish this piece of paper as you will frequently need to present it as you work your way through the rest of your relocation.

Step 6 – Receive your tax ID in the mail

Approximately 2–4 weeks after completing your Anmeldung in Berlin, your tax ID (Steueridentifikationsnummer) will arrive in the mail at the address where you have just registered. Top tip! Ensure your name is on the letterbox of the address you are registering at. Otherwise, your tax ID may not be delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions About Anmeldung in Berlin

Below, we've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding address registration (Anmeldung) in Berlin.

1. Do I need a German speaker with me at my Anmeldung appointment in Berlin?

While some Bürgeramt workers will speak English, most will not. This may leave you unable to convey important information regarding your address.

As part of all of our relocation programmes, Nomaden Berlin provides a German template letter for Anmeldung that explains everything the Bürgeramt worker will need to know regarding your situation. Our template letter means there is no requirement for you to speak English at the appointment and has led to our participants having a 100% first-time success rate when completing their Anmeldung in Berlin.

2. Why is it so hard for newcomers to complete their Anmeldung in Berlin?

Like most European capitals, Berlin currently has a housing shortage with demand outstripping supply. On top of this, many Berlin residents choose to hold on to long leases and sublet their apartments when they move, instead of freeing it up for the rest of the market. It is often not possible to register at these sublet flats as the landlord rarely knows that their property is being sublet by the lead tenant.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t find long-term property to register at in Berlin. In fact, many long-term apartments offer Anmeldung in Berlin. The issue for newcomers is that these long-term places are almost impossible to lock down if you're not already in the city and able to attend flat viewings or require that you have a work contract and payslips. Once arrived, newcomers often take around 1-month to find suitable accommodation to register at, a delay that means you can’t apply for a work visa in Germany and can’t receive a tax ID, meaning your work start date gets pushed further and further back. This can put a massive strain on savings, can irritate your employer and generally puts a massive dampener on your relocation to Berlin.

At Nomaden Berlin, our Berlin Kickstarter and Berlin Pro packages include 30-day studio accommodation in Berlin including Anmeldung. We guarantee that you complete your Anmeldung in your first week in Berlin, ensuring you encounter no delays in applying for a work visa in Berlin, receiving your tax ID and starting a new job.

3. Can I complete my Anmeldung at a hostel or hotel in Berlin?

Very rarely. While this used to be fairly common there are very few hostels or hotels still offering address registration. However, this certainly doesn't rule out the possibility of registering at short-term accommodation. In fact, our Berlin Kickstarter and Berlin Pro programmes include 30-day private studio accommodation in Berlin with address registration.

4. Can I complete my Anmeldung at a friend's house or apartment in Berlin?

We recommend not completing your address registration at a friend's house or apartment for two main reasons:

  • It is not legal in Germany to register at an address that you are not actually living at.

  • The landlord receives a notification when someone registers at their property. If the landlord has not given their prior consent, this is likely to land your friend in hot water and can even be grounds for eviction as the landlord may accuse your friend of illegally subletting their property.

5. Can someone else complete my Anmeldung in Berlin on my behalf?

If you are unable to attend your Anmeldung appointment in Berlin in person, then you can authorise someone else to attend the appointment on your behalf. To do this, you must include a signed power of attorney (Vollmacht) in your application.

6. Can I apply for a visa in Germany without having completed my Anmeldung in Berlin?

Strictly speaking, it is possible to apply for a visa without having completed your address registration. However, if you can't present an address registration certificate at your visa appointment then you must instead show a rental contract and a written confirmation of occupancy from your landlord. If you have these documents, then you are able to register your address anyway so there would be little reason not to register prior to your visa appointment.

Providing an address registration certificate is by far the most common method of showing proof of residency at your visa appointment, and will ensure you don't have issues with this aspect of your visa application. In addition, in order to get a tax ID in Germany (an essential document when starting work in Germany), you need to register at an address so it is best to try and get this step ticked off as soon as possible in your relocation process.

7. Can I register an address at a sublet in Berlin?

Rarely. Most sublets in Berlin are done without the prior consent or knowledge of the landlord. They are mostly short to mid-term sublets to cover the rent while the main tenant is away or living elsewhere, and the landlord is rarely aware you are living at their property.

8. Can the main/lead tenant complete the Wohnungsgeberbestätigung form or does it have to be completed by the landlord?

Yes – the main/lead tenant can complete the Wohnungsgeberbestätigung form if the landlord has permitted them to do so. If the main/lead tenant completes the form without the landlord's permission, this could be grounds for eviction.

How can Nomaden Berlin help you complete your Anmeldung in Berlin?

• Our Berlin Kickstarter and Berlin Pro programmes include 30-day private studio accommodation in Berlin with Anmeldung. As part of the programmes, we provide an appointment booking service and will complete all the necessary address registration paperwork that you will require at your appointment.

• Our Berlin Kickstarter and Berlin Pro programmes also include a list of 20+ mid-term accommodation providers that allow address registration. If you are worried about registering your address, then this list will provide a range of options that can quickly be booked online.

• All our programmes include access to our relocation platform. On the platform, we provide in-depth information covering all aspects of the address registration process. We detail how to find and book an appointment, exactly what you need to do at your appointment and how to complete all the relevant paperwork. We also expand on all the points in this blog to make sure you have all the necessary info for a smooth address registration process.

• Worried about speaking German at your appointment? Then fear no more. We provide a German letter template that simply states that you are new to Germany and that you need to register your address to be able to get a personal identification number/tax ID (Steuer-ID) to start working in Germany. You just need to hand this letter over to the caseworker at your appointment and they’ll do the rest.

• All our programmes also include blank copies of all the necessary forms as well as completed example forms and translated forms that you can use as a reference when completing your address registration paperwork.

If you have any questions about how we can assist you, then please send an email to To see what's included in all of our relocation programmes, see here.

Main Bürgeramt in Berlin

Addresses for main Bürgeramt locations in Berlin


Bezirksamt Charlottenburg/Wilmersdorf

Bürgeramt Halemweg (Außenstelle)

Halemweg 18 13627 Berlin

Tel.: (030) 9029-25222

Fax: (030) 9029-2522


Bezirksamt Friedrichshain - Kreuzberg I

Bürgeramt 1 (Kreuzberg), Yorckstr.

Yorckstraße 4-11 10965 Berlin

Tel.: (030) 115

Fax: (030) 90298 - 3165


Bezirksamt Friedrichshain - Kreuzberg II

Bürgeramt 3 (Friedrichshain), Frankfurter Allee

Frankfurter Allee 35/37 10247 Berlin

Tel.: (030) 115

Fax: (030) 90298 - 4690


Bezirksamt Lichtenberg

Bürgeramt 1 (Neu- Hohenschönhausen) Egon-Erwin-Kisch-Straße

Egon-Erwin-Kisch-Straße 106 13059 Berlin

Tel.: (030) 115

Fax: (030) 90296-777819


Bezirksamt Marzahn - Hellersdorf

Bürgeramt Biesdorf - Center

Elsterwerdaer Platz 3 12683 Berlin

Tel.: (030) 115

Fax: (030) 90293-5515


Bezirksamt Mitte

Bürgeramt Rathaus Mitte

Karl-Marx-Allee 31 10178 Berlin

Tel.: (030) 115

Fax: (030)9018 23060


Bezirksamt Neukölln

Bürgeramt Blaschkoallee, Neukölln

Blaschkoallee 32 12359 Berlin

Tel.: 115

Fax: (030) 90239-1369


Bezirksamt Pankow I

Bürgeramt Pankow

Breite Str. 24A - 26 13187 Berlin

Tel.: (030) 115

Fax: (030) 90295-2576


Bezirksamt Pankow II

Bürgeramt Prenzlauer Berg

Fröbelstr. 17 10405 Berlin

Tel.: (030) 115

Fax: (030) 90295-6888


Bezirksamt Reinickendorf

Bürgeramt Rathaus Reinickendorf

Eichborndamm 215 13437 Berlin

Tel.: (030) 115

Fax: (030) 90294-2994


Bezirksamt Spandau

Bürgeramt Spandau - Bürgeramt Rathaus Spandau

Carl-Schurz-Str. 2/6 13597 Berlin

Tel.: 115

Fax: (030) 90279-2828


Bezirksamt Steglitz - Zehlendorf

Bürgeramt Steglitz

Schloßstraße 37 12163 Berlin

Tel.: (030) 115

Fax: (030) 90299-3370


Bezirksamt Tempelhof - Schöneberg

Bürgeramt Schöneberg

John-F.-Kennedy-Platz - 10825 Berlin

Tel.: 115

Fax: (030) 90277-7021


Bezirksamt Treptow - Könighof

Bürgeramt I in Köpenick

Alt-Köpenick 21 12555 Berlin

Tel.: 115

Fax: (030) 90297-2845