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You likely came across Nomaden Berlin when searching for information about working holidays in Germany. And for good reason – we are working holiday specialists who have helped 100s of participants secure their German Working Holiday Visas over the last three years. If this is the first you are reading about working holidays, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below is a rundown of what exactly the Working Holiday Visa is, who can apply and how Nomaden Berlin can assist you with the relocation process.



What is the Working Holiday Visa?

  • The Working Holiday Visa is a residence permit that allows you to live and work in Germany for up to 1 year (2 years for Canadians).

  • Only citizens of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Israel, Uruguay and Hong Kong are eligible for the Working Holiday Visa for Germany.

  • You must be between the ages of 18 and 30 (35 for Canadians) to be eligible for a Working Holiday Visa for Germany.

  • The Working Holiday Visa is not tied to employment, so you can apply for it without having a job lined up in Germany.

  • Depending on your nationality, the Working Holiday Visa can be applied for in Germany, at German embassies overseas or at the Germany embassy in your home country.

  • Check out our blog post on What You Need to Know About the German Working Holiday for some further info.

Where should I apply for the Working Holiday Visa for Germany?

Where to apply for the Working Holiday Visa for Germany is a hotly contested topic. While some nationalities are restricted to applying in their home countries (South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan), for other countries (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Israel), debate rages about whether it is best to apply for the Working Holiday Visa at a German embassy overseas or at the immigration office in Berlin.















As part of all of our relocation programmes, we will assess your situation and provide a researched recommendation on where would be best for you to apply for the Working Holiday Visa for Germany.

For some further information about where to apply, see our blog about Where You Should Apply for the German Working Holiday Visa and Why.

Important things to note when applying for the Working Holiday Visa for Germany

While we will provide full information and guidance on exactly where you should apply, there are a few important things to bear in mind when choosing where to apply for the Working Holiday Visa for Germany:

  1. Most overseas German embassies are imposing a 6-month working restriction on the Working Holiday Visa. This means that you can only work for an employer for a maximum of 6 months, after which you are required to find new employment. If you apply at the immigration office in Berlin, there are no working restrictions placed on the visa and you are permitted to work full-time in Germany for the duration of the visa.

  2. The proof of funds requirement varies depending on where you apply for the Working Holiday Visa for Germany. For example, if applying in Sydney, the proof of funds amount for Australians is over double the amount that is required if applying in Berlin.

  3. If applying for the Working Holiday Visa in Berlin, you first need to register at an address in Berlin, a process known as Anmeldung. Fortunately, our Berlin Kickstarter and Berlin Pro programmes include 30-day private studio accommodation as well as address registration, meaning you will get registered in your first week in Berlin. Once your address registration is completed, you’re then ready to apply for the Working Holiday Visa in Berlin​.

How can Nomaden Berlin help you apply for the Working Holiday Visa for Germany?

When it comes to working holidays in Germany, we can offer the following:

  1. Detailed step-by-step guidance and support throughout the Working Holiday Visa application process. Whether you are applying for the Working Holiday Visa in your home country, at another German embassy overseas or in Berlin, we can offer comprehensive instructions so that you know exactly when, where and how to apply for the visa.

    We not only give you a complete rundown of the application requirements based on where you choose to apply but also show you exactly how to complete the relevant application documents. We’ll ensure you meet all the documentation requirements and pre-requisites with regards to proof of funds, health insurance, visa application forms, address registration, etc.


  2. As part of our Berlin Kickstarter and Berlin Pro programmes, we will book you a Working Holiday Visa appointment at a time and place that suits your relocation schedule. This can be at the immigration office in Berlin, at a German embassy overseas or at the German embassy in your home country.

  3. To obtain a Working Holiday Visa for Germany, you require a full-year travel insurance policy. Our recommended insurance policy will ensure you have a policy that meets the requirements for the Working Holiday Visa with regards to medical coverage, repatriation coverage, etc.

  4. As mentioned above, you require address registration (Anmeldung) if applying for the Working Holiday Visa in Berlin. Our Berlin Kickstarter and Berlin Pro programmes include 30-day private studio accommodation that includes address registration, making the route to applying for the Working Holiday Visa in Berlin a simple one. Note: to work in Germany and receive a tax ID, you are required to register your address. Therefore, this step still needs to be completed even if you’ve secured your Working Holiday Visa overseas. In short, to do almost anything in Germany, you must have registered at an address first.

  5. Everyone wants their working holiday to be social, and we can think of few more sociable places than the Nomaden Community. Numbering almost 200 people, our supportive community enjoys monthly events around the city, giving you the opportunity to meet other working holidaymakers from all around the globe. Through booking our Berlin Kickstarter programme, you’ll become an instant member of our community.

  6. While obtaining the Working Holiday Visa is obviously a major part of any working holiday, we also provide full relocation support covering all the major administrative steps to getting set up in Berlin. This covers everything from address registration, banking and health insurance to job hunting and apartment hunting. We’ll ensure you have all the resources and tools to have a wonderful working holiday in Berlin.

  7. Fancy staying longer than a year? We’ll provide guidance and support for transitioning on to another work permit that will allow you to continue your life in Germany after your working holiday!

Why is Berlin the perfect destination for a working holiday?

  • Berlin is undoubtedly one of the world’s great cultural hubs. Renowned for its bohemian vibes and high concentration of artists and musicians, the city is brimming with activity. There is something to keep you entertained around every corner with countless shows, gigs and performances, and this is all before we even get to the nightlife! The city’s world-famous clubs are a sight to behold with old factories and warehouses converted into some of Europe’s prime techno venues.

  • Berlin’s culture is obviously not limited to just its music and entertainment. The city is host to fascinating historical sites from the Reichstag, Holocaust Memorial and Brandenburg Gate to the Berlin Wall, Museum Island and the Dom! And these are just the big sites – the city’s rich history is omnipresent and can be lapped up by simply strolling through the streets.

  • Berlin remains significantly more affordable than other popular working holiday destinations including Amsterdam, Paris and London. With a large room in a flatshare coming in at around €450 per month and cheap day-to-day living costs, your money goes much further in Berlin than in most European capitals.

  • The English-speaking job market in Berlin is experiencing rapid growth. The city’s many start-ups are currently employing a workforce that is 52% non-German speakers, leading to a wide array of opportunities for working holidaymakers in the fields of customer service, sales and business development, recruitment, tech and IT, marketing and account management. When you combine this with a large number of hospitality openings, there are lots of opportunities for landing a job in Berlin on your working holiday.

  • While the German bureaucracy may seem trickier than other working holiday destinations, Nomaden Berlin can guide you through the process. We’ll support you all the way to ensure you can focus on what really matters: having a fantastic working holiday in Berlin!

If you are interested in learning more about how Nomaden Berlin can support your working holiday, you can arrange a call with us by emailing Or if you are ready to book, you can book one of our programmes here.

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