Nomaden's Relocation Platform

Your one-stop shop for all your relocation needs

Whether you opt for the Pro or Kickstarter programme, our goal is to ensure you have all the necessary information, advice and guidance required for a smooth relocation to Berlin. To achieve this, we have carefully constructed and compiled a relocation platform that will provide you with everything you will need to get settled in Berlin. Totalling over 100,000 words across 58 different sections, our relocation platform is a one-stop-shop for all your relocation requirements. In addition to the relocation platform, we will send you a pre-departure relocation checklist based on your situation to make sure you complete all the relocation steps in the correct order. The checklist is designed to be used in conjunction with the relocation platform and serves as a handy reference document for guiding you around the platform.


On this page, we have laid out exactly what is on our relocation platform so you can get a clearer understanding of how it can help guide you through your relocation.


What’s included:



Address registration (Anmeldung)

  • How, where and when to register your address.

  • How to locate and book an appointment at your local town hall (Bürgeramt).

  • Details about the necessary paperwork and how to complete it.

  • Information about receiving your tax ID (Steueridentifikationsnummer) after your appointment.

  • Instructions about what to do if you change address or permanently leave the country.


Banking in Berlin

  • Information about the top banks in Berlin with the most English-friendly services that are best suited to expats living in the city.

  • How to open a bank account in Berlin.


German health insurance

  • Information regarding the different types of health insurance available to you in Germany depending on whether you are a full-time employee, self-employed/a freelancer or a student.

  • Contact details for our dedicated representative at Berlin’s leading insurer who can expedite the sign-up process and ensure you receive all the necessary policy documents and certificates in English.

  • Contact details for a number of expat insurance brokers who can help you pick out and sign up for private health insurance if you are not eligible for the government health insurance system.



  • General guidance on how and when to complete your income tax return.

  • Information regarding Church Tax (and how to avoid paying it) as well as TV and Radio Tax.

  • Tax information for freelancers including applying for a freelance tax number (Steuernummer).

In addition, our relocation platform includes annotated example forms, letter templates, translations and blank copies of forms for all the major admin processes.

Residence Permits & Visas

We have put together full visa/residence permit information and application guidance for applying in Berlin or from overseas. The information includes complete and specific details regarding eligibility, prerequisite requirements, documentation requirements, application process steps, and advice and instructions for applying for the following visas and residence permits:


Applying for a residence permit at the immigration office in Berlin:

  • Residence Permit for Employment
  • Working Holiday & Youth Mobility Residence Permit

  • Residence Permit for Freelance Employment (applying in Germany only)

  • Residence Permit to Work as an Au Pair

  • Residence Permit to Attend a Language School

  • Residence Permit to Study

  • EU Blue Card

  • Residence Permit for Job Seekers


Applying for a national visa at a German embassy overseas

  • Employment Visa

  • Working Holiday & Youth Mobility Visa

  • Au Pair Visa

  • Language School Visa  

  • Student Visa

  • EU Blue Card

  • Job Seekers Visa


Some residence permits/national visas require that you have a university-level degree that is recognised in Germany. Where this is necessary, we have provided instructions and guidance on how to check whether your degree is already recognised in Germany and also how to apply for it to assessed.


Our visa and residence permit information is the most comprehensive on the market and tackles the main issues that applicants encounter when applying for residence permits/visas for Germany.

The platform includes all residence permit/visa application forms as well as annotated example forms and any further documents you will need whether you are applying at the immigration office in Berlin or at a German embassy overseas.

Apartment Hunting 

  • Mid-term accommodation listings of 20+ short-term accommodation providers in Berlin that allow address registration (Anmeldung)incl. details about pricing, stay duration and location.

  • Long-term apartment hunting tips for finding a long-term apartment in Berlin.

  • Resources and guidance for finding a room in a flatshare or an entire apartment including information about 12 apartment listing websites and housing databases, 20 apartment-related Facebook groups and 15 housing agencies.

  • Detailed information about important documents for landing a long-term apartment and how to get hold of these.


The relocation platform includes a German template letter for applying for long-term apartments, a German letter for contacting estate agents and letting agents as well as a German guarantor letter (Bürgschaftserklärung) – a guarantor letter may be required if you are a job seeker or student and lack the proof of funds to secure a long-term apartment without some financial backing.

Job Hunting 

  • Tips and resources for landing an English-speaking job in Berlin incl. general guidance and information, detailed CV and LinkedIn advice and German-style CV examples and templates.

  • Company listings of over 500 Berlin-based companies that employ non-German speakers with links to company careers pages and contact details if available.

  • Job board listings of over 80 job boards covering all the main sectors in Berlin.

  • Documents required to a start job in Germany. Detailed information about the documents you need to start working and how to obtain them incl. your tax ID, health insurance membership certificate and German social security number. Also information and guidance for completing a police check and obtaining a Red Card (Rote Karte).


Our job hunting information includes editable CV templates and two German-style CV examples to use as a reference when creating your CV.



Medical services

  • Information about the German healthcare system, tips for booking appointments and visiting practitioners, medical options in emergencies/on weekends, important numbers for medical services.

  • Links to relevant databases for finding doctors, therapists and emergency pharmacies in Berlin.

  • List of 18 English-speaking doctors and 11 English-speaking dentists in Berlin.


Phone and internet

  • Information regarding prepaid SIMs, mobile phone contracts and home internet packages. Profile of our recommended prepaid SIM incl. sign-up and top-up instructions.


Gas and electricity

  • Information about signing up for an energy supplier in Berlin and what to do when moving into an apartment in Berlin.



  • Information about Berlin’s public transport network and different ticket types. 


Moving and furnishing

  • Information about local services in the city that can help you move luggage and furniture as well as options for furnishing your apartment cheaply.



  • Basic information about different gyms and training centres and their locations.


  • How to apply for a freelance tax number (Steuernummer).

  • Step-by-step translation of the freelance tax number form (Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung) plus instructions for filling in the form.

  • How to freelance in Germany. Information about key aspects of freelancing in Germany including invoicing, income tax, VAT payments, health insurance, applying for a business licence (if required), bookkeeping, deductions, co-working spaces and church tax.


On top of all this, our platform includes information and links to different groups, clubs, event sites and meetups in the city, giving you some ideas for what is happening around the city. Finally, we have provided some basic information on German language learning and different resources to get you started learning German.

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