6 Places To Visit in Germany While Living in Berlin by European Language Jobs

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Berlin is undoubtedly awesome – the nightlife is amazing, there are lots of English-speaking jobs for expats and there are countless activities to keep you occupied. So yeah, Berlin is awesome, and there aren’t many who would argue otherwise, especially not the 3.5 million people who live there. But for those of us who get itchy feet and like to see new places, where are some cool places to visit in Germany while living in Berlin? Let’s take a look!

Germany is all about old historic buildings and heavy industry, right? Well, while there are indeed some wonderful old buildings to visit throughout Germany, it might surprise you to find out there is a plethora of beautiful beaches in Germany as well as a river that will take you through some of the coolest spots in the country.

1) Munich

Castles, lakes, Oktoberfest, Lederhosen, great food, great beer, beer gardens, great parties and festivals, and not one but TWO PALACES IN THE CITY CENTRE... While this list certainly doesn’t sum up everything Munich has to offer, it’s enough reason to go check it out for yourself to find out what else it has to offer!

Munich has an abundance of greenery, something which gives it a huge advantage over other big cities in Europe such as Barcelona, where grass is hard to come by anywhere in the city. A vast array of parks and green spaces allow you to experience all the fun of the city but also gives you room to relax and breathe – a far cry from the congested streets of London or Paris! We recommend checking out the 900-acre Englischer Garten, where you can catch a movie at the outdoor cinema, enjoy or a picnic or even run off some of last night’s steins!

2) Königshaus am Schachen

Sticking with Bavaria for the moment and leaving the bright lights of the city behind, we are taking a quick trip into the countryside to visit Königshaus am Schachen! (King’s House on Schachen). There are loads of great trails and paths to follow in Bavaria and this is one of the gentler ones to ease you into your exploration of the Bavarian Alps! Enjoy 20 kilometres of streams, meadows, beautiful landscape and the castle of course!

3) Cologne

As we discussed in our previous article about the Cheapest Places To Live & Travel in Europe, Cologne is an amazing place to visit for a variety of reasons including its cathedral, zoo, great nightlife and delicious food!

There is also a famous boat trip that runs through Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands, stopping off in Cologne just in time for you to hop on board and head towards the next destination on our list.

4) River Rhine/Rhine Valley

Ever fancied being in a fairy tale? Take a boat trip down the Rhine and delight in the splendour of the mountains, castles and beautiful churches that you pass. While I could spend all day writing about a trip down the Rhine, some of my favourite spots include Rheinfels Castle, Stolzenfels Castle, and Koblenz, a town with vineyards and castles (did I mention I like castles?!).

Now, for my top two spots to visit in Germany whilst living in Berlin.

5) Rügen Island

While you’d be forgiven for thinking pictures of Rügen where taken somewhere far more exotic than Northern Germany, you shouldn’t overlook Rügen Island as a potential destination for your next summer getaway. Located in the Baltic Sea, the island is renowned for its chalk cliffs and beautiful beaches. While there, check out Jasmund National Park and Garz Castle, which has been standing since the 8th century.

6) Leipzig

Located in Saxony, Leipzig was described as ‘Little Paris’ by Goethe and is often referred to as ‘The New Berlin’ by visitors today. While much smaller than the German capital, the city boasts a number of great reasons to visit – the lakes in particular!

While parks and lakes are a definite drawcard, you should also check out St. Thomas Church, the zoo and Monument to the Battle of the Nations while in town. Leipzig also has eclectic nightlife for such a small city as well as world-class art on display in the Museum of Applied Arts and the Museum of Fine Arts. Plenty of options to keep you busy during your time in the city!

So there you have it, the top 6 places to visit in Germany while living in Berlin – has this got you thinking of moving to Berlin or elsewhere in Germany? Don’t just take my word for how great the country is, go check it out for yourself!

Today’s guest post comes from Lee Walton, a freelance writer based in Barcelona who prefers writing whilst camping in the mountains or on the beaches of Costa Brava to sitting in the office. Lee is currently writing for Europe Language Jobs while travelling around Spain with his exploration buddy – his German Shepherd Dog, Bella. Connect with Lee and see some of his work on LinkedIn or Pinterest.