Life After London

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

London is awash with young people on Working Holiday Visas. There’s a collective feeling of dread when your Working Holiday Visa comes to an end and many people ponder where to go from there? Don’t disappear, there is life after London.

One great option is moving to Europe’s coolest capital, Berlin. Expatistan sited that the cost of living in London is 60% more than in Berlin. Click here for further details about the cost of living in Berlin in 2019.

If you are from Australia, Japan, Argentina, Israel, New Zealand and Chile, you can apply for the working holiday visa for Germany directly in London or at any German embassy worldwide. Here is a list of all the German missions abroad.

You can apply for the visa at the German Embassy in London – or if you are living in Edinburgh, there is also a German Embassy there. However, if eligible, we generally recommend applying for the Working Holiday visa after entering Germany to ensure you have no working restrictions placed on the visa. For further details, see this post on where to apply for your Working Holiday Visa for Germany.

You must apply for the Working Holiday Visa in person. The fee for the Working Holiday Visa for Germany is relatively low compared to the UK visa. There is only a €60 fee and the application is fairly quick, usually taking no more than one week.

If you are from Australia, Japan, Israel, New Zealand or Canada, you can enter Germany visa-free for a 90-day period and apply for the Working Holiday Visa in Berlin.

Citizens of South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong can only apply for the visa in their home countries.

Nomaden Berlin provides relocation packages for those moving to Berlin that includes 30-day private studio accommodation with address registration, a visa appointment booking service, relocation workshops, tours, events, parties and administrative assistance on all the procedures for setting up in Berlin. We also provide detailed visa information and full country and circumstance-specific visa information for programme participants.

Berlin can seem like a minefield of bureaucracy and paperwork, but with our support, you’ll be guided through the relocation process in no time.

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