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The Berlin Pro programme is ideal for working professionals moving to Berlin. We ensure your relocation is both enjoyable and hassle-free, allowing you to get your bearings and settle into the chill Berlin lifestyle. Whether you already have a job lined up or are coming to Berlin to search for employment, Nomaden is here to help you with all aspects of your relocation to Germany. From comprehensive administrative and visa support to private studio accommodation and address registration, the Berlin Pro programme will help you comfortably navigate your move to Germany!



Accommodation & Address Registration (Anmeldung)

The Berlin Pro package includes 30-day fully-serviced private studio accommodation. Located approximately 20 minutes from Berlin city centre, our accommodation is an ideal starting point for your new life in the German capital.

You are able to register your address (Anmeldung) at the studio accommodation, an essential step that you must complete when relocating to Germany and a common roadblock for many expats moving to Berlin. You'll receive the necessary address registration paperwork upon checking in to the accommodation and we'll help you complete the required address registration forms. With our support, we'll ensure you register your address in your very first week in Berlin, which paves the way for a smooth and quick relocation.

For additional information about our private studio accommodation, see here.

Visas & Work Permits

If you are not from an EU/EEA country, you’ll need to apply for an appropriate work or study visa before or after entering Germany. To help you with this process, we provide detailed guidance and support on how to apply for the following visas and work permits:


  • Employment Visa / Residence Permit for Employment

  • Working Holiday & Youth Mobility Visa

  • Residence Permit for Freelance Employment (applying in Germany only)

  • EU Blue Card

  • Job Seekers Visa / Residence Permit for Job Seekers

  • Au Pair Visa / Residence Permit to Work as an Au Pair

  • Student Visa / Residence Permit to Study

  • Language School Visa / Residence Permit to Attend a Language School


Our visa information documents the main steps to obtaining your visa, from whether you are eligible and what documents you must provide to guidance for appointments at German embassies overseas or the immigration office in Berlin. As part of the Berlin Pro programme, we provide blank copies of relevant visa forms as well as annotated translations and completed example templates. In addition to information about the visa application processes, we also highlight the main challenges that people face when applying for a visa for Germany. 


With three years of experience helping newcomers apply for visas and work permits in Berlin, we have built up considerable expertise of the visa application process and can help you avoid many of the pitfalls and obstacles that often block or delay visas being issued


Pre-departure Relocation Checklist 

While German bureaucracy is extensive, it is at least logical and the relocation process is a step-by-step procedure in most instances. But knowing what order to do the steps can be a real headache, especially as this varies depending on your nationality, visa type, age, etc.

Before your arrival in Berlin, we will assess your individual situation and provide you with a relocation checklist to follow. This will ensure you know precisely what needs to be done and when and where it needs to be completed, whether it concerns address registration, applying for health insurance or securing a visa. The checklist provides a great overview and can be used as a reference document so that you can quickly check what steps still need to be done on your journey to becoming a fully-fledged Berliner.

Appointment Booking Service

Expats moving to Berlin often struggle to book address registration and visa appointments at times that match their relocation timeline. This can often lead to delays in registering at an address and obtaining a visa, which ultimately pushes back employment start dates.


As part of the Berlin Pro programme, we will book your address registration and visa appointments to ensure that you can complete these steps at a time and place that suits your timeline.


Relocation Platform

Everyone knows about Germany’s notoriously tricky bureaucracy. On paper, setting up in Berlin can seem like a tough nut to crack with a seemingly endless array of forms, applications and appointments, combined with limited, outdated and hard-to-find information.

We have put together a complete relocation platform for setting up in Berlin that includes everything you need to know about registering your address, finding a job and apartment, applying for a visa, getting health insurance, setting up a bank account, applying for a tax ID and much much more. In addition to extensive information, we will also provide you with translated forms and example templates for many of the key administrative processes to help ensure that your move to Berlin is as stress-free as possible.

Our information is the most extensive resource out there and provides you with a step-by-step guide so that you know exactly when, where and how to complete all the key administrative tasks when setting up in Berlin.

Extensive company listings

As Berlin continues to boom, so do the opportunities for non-German speakers. The city is a start-up hub and many international companies are choosing to make the German capital their European headquarters. Added to this, more and more bars, restaurants and hotels continue to pop up around the city, eager to serve an increasingly international clientele.

We have compiled extensive company listings of 500+ companies in Berlin that we know hire non-German speakers, broken down into different sectors. This is an invaluable resource in a job market that is becoming increasingly competitive and will serve as a great starting point for your job search. Where possible, we have provided links to company career pages and contact details for recruiters to help you go straight to the source and hopefully land your dream job in Berlin.


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2020 Dates

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