The Nomaden Berlin Community

Moving independently can feel like a lonely process without the right social network. At Nomaden Berlin, we have always focused on creating a strong community that is both inclusive and diverse. When you sign up to our Berlin Kickstarter programme, you will instantly become part of a growing international community that is already more than 180 strong. Our participants come from all four corners of the globe and our community ensures that you have a group of like-minded newcomers to explore the city with.

We ensure your time in Berlin is sociable from the get-go. In your first week in Berlin, we will organise welcome drinks, where you will get to meet all the other participants in your programme month. Following this, we will organise further events, parties and meetups throughout your first month in Berlin and entire stay in the German capital. These may include:

  • Summer picnics and BBQs 

  • Bar crawls and Späti crawls

  • Mayday street party in Kreuzberg

  • Fête de la Musique street party

  • Carnival of Cultures street party

  • Drinks in an old video store

  • Party in a secret cellar

  • Shuffleboard and skittles evenings

  • Reichstag Dome tour

  • Open-air day parties

  • Street food markets

  • Christmas markets

  • Live music nights

  • Comedy nights

  • Critical Mass city bike ride

As our events are ongoing throughout the year, you’ll have ample opportunity to meet, hang out and network with a wide range of internationals from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the US, Japan, Korea, the UK, the Netherlands, Ireland, Norway, Hong Kong and India (to name a few!). To see pictures from some of our events, tours and meetups, check out our Instagram page.

A big focus of the Nomaden Community is support, both from Nomaden as a company and within the community itself. We actively encourage participants to engage with and help newcomers to the city, who in turn will help future newcomers and so on. This circular effect is helping to create a wide-reaching community feel for all Nomaden participants and a strong social support network, which is crucial when relocating to a new city.

As well as coming from all around the world, members of our Nomaden Community are also coming to Germany for a wide array of reasons. Notably, our current participants have successfully applied for:

- Employment Visas
- Working Holiday & Youth Mobility Visas
- Freelance Visas
- Au Pair Visas
- Language School Visas
- Student Visas
- EU Blue Cards
- Job Seekers Visas

This variety ensures that our Nomaden Community offers a thriving and diverse environment that aims to provide a solid foundation for your time in the German capital!

To join the Nomaden Community, you can sign up to our Kickstarter programme here. We look forward to meeting you in Berlin!