Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average age of people on the programmes?


The average participant age for our programmes is 28. There are no age restrictions on the Berlin Pro programme. To be eligible for the Berlin Kickstarter programme, you must be between 18 and 40.


If I need a visa to live in Germany, how much will this cost?


In general, all visas and residence permits for Germany cost between €56 and €100.


Why do I need to register my address?


Address registration (Anmeldung) is one of the key admin steps to getting set up in Berlin. You need to have completed it to obtain a tax ID (which you'll need if you plan on working in Germany) and to be able to apply for a visa/residence permit in Berlin. For further information about the address registration process, see here.


Our Berlin Kickstarter and Berlin Pro programmes include accommodation with address registration. Through choosing one of these relocation programmes, we will ensure you are registered in your very first week in Berlin.

Do I need a German speaker with me at my address registration (Anmeldung) appointment?

With our support, you do not need a German speaker at your address registration appointment. In our relocation platform, we provide all the necessary forms as well as completed example forms to ensure your paperwork is in order prior to your appointment. We are also available to help complete and check the relevant forms.


Further to this, we provide a German template letter that you can submit at your address registration appointment in Berlin. The letter explains that you are here to register your address, etc., and ensures that you won’t be required to interact in German at your appointment.


Are the tours and events arranged as a group?


All events and tours are organised with current and past Nomaden groups. Our events are run so that you have the opportunity to meet other newcomers to Berlin. Our Berlin Kickstarter programme is very sociable and gives you the opportunity to explore your new home and share your experiences with a group of like-minded people from all around the world.

What if my move date does not match up with Nomaden Berlin's programme start dates?


Our set programme start dates are listed on our programme pages. If these do not match your planned relocation dates, please send an email to and we can arrange for you to have an alternative accommodation check-in date.

Where should I go when I arrive in Berlin?


On arrival, head to your booked accommodation. If you have booked the Berlin Kickstarter or Berlin Pro programme, we'll provide instructions on how to get to our accommodation from the airport. We'll also provide a schedule of events with all of the meeting points. 

What else should I know about the programme?


Our aim is to give you a unique Berlin experience! We want to ensure that you experience the delights of exploring a new city and get a true sense of Berlin's vibrancy and liveliness (while also making lasting friendships along the way!). Our aim is to help you delve deeper into the history, culture and counter-culture that defines Berlin!


If you have any questions, please get in touch:



We look forward to meeting you in Berlin!

I don't speak German, will I find a job?


Berlin is a very international city with many opportunities for non-German speakers. More and more international companies are setting up offices in Berlin, bringing with them a host of job opportunities in a wide variety of fields. Check out our blog on how to find an English-speaking job in Berlin to get an initial idea of what possibilities are out there. As part of all of our programmes, we include the following job hunting resources:

  • Company listings including 500+ companies that employ non-German speakers in Berlin.

  • An extensive list of 80+ job boards that cover all the main sectors in Berlin.

  • Job hunting information and tips for Germany.

  • Detailed CV and LinkedIn advice.

  • Editable CV template and CV examples for the German market.


While there are many job opportunities for non-German speakers, if you are interested in picking up the language quickly, then we recommend enrolling in a course at our partner language school, speakeasy Berlin. speakeasy Berlin offers discounted rates to Nomaden Berlin participants.

Why should I do a Nomaden relocation programme and not attempt going it alone?


Germany is famous for its strict bureaucracy and it can be very difficult to set yourself up without the right support. Through our comprehensive relocation platform, we provide valuable step-by-step guidance on how to find a flat, open a bank account, get a tax ID, register your address, secure a visa, land a job, apply for German health insurance and much much more. We will guide you through the relocation process and ensure you know exactly when, where and how to complete different administrative steps.

We also provide 30-day private studio accommodation that allows address registration, 12-month visa support and visa application guidance, relocation workshops, and social events, tours and meetups to ensure that your first month in Berlin is a memorable one. The Nomaden Community in Berlin is growing quickly, giving you the opportunity to enjoy Berlin with a group of like-minded people from all across the globe.


Does Nomaden Berlin provide accommodation?


Our Berlin Kickstarter and Berlin Pro programmes include 30-day private studio accommodation. For more information, check out our accommodation page. On top of this, the Berlin Kickstarter and Berlin Pro programmes also include the necessary address registration paperwork and an address registration appointment booking service – with our support, we ensure you get registered in your first week in Berlin, an essential pre-requisite for getting a tax ID and applying for a visa/residence permit in Germany.

Will I need a German speaker with me at my visa appointment at the immigration office in Berlin?

In almost all cases, you do not require a German speaker when attending appointments at the immigration office in Berlin. We will provide you with full details of the application process for each visa type and ensure you know exactly which documents you are required to submit. We can also check your completed paperwork before submission. 

The majority of our participants apply for the Working Holiday Residence Permit, Residence Permit for Employment or Residence Permit for Job Seekers. These visa types do not require that you have a German speaker with you. If you have a particularly complicated immigration situation or apply for the
Residence Permit for Freelance Employment, then we recommend you have a German speaker with you at your visa appointment. While we don’t offer this service directly, we can recommend services that offer this as a standalone service.