Kickstart your move to Berlin!

The Berlin Kickstarter programme combines everything you might need for a hassle-free, fun relocation to Berlin. We will introduce you to many of Berlin's hidden treasures and introduce you to like-minded newcomers from all around the globe, all the while guiding you through the relocation process. Whether you are looking for a change of scene, moving for work or study or embarking on a working holiday, we will ensure you are equipped with all the knowledge and tools to successfully relocate to the German capital. With our personal and comprehensive support, now's the time to kickstart your new life in Berlin!



How to book? 

Click here to secure a spot on the programme. Spots fill up quickly so book now! 

2020 Dates

2nd March
1st April

30th April

1st June

1st July

3rd August

Contact us for dates after August

If these dates are not suitable, please get in touch and we'll try to arrange a start date that matches your relocation timeline.

Appointment Booking Service

As part of the Kickstarter programme, we will schedule an address registration appointment for you in Berlin at a time, date and location that suits you.

In addition, we will schedule any necessary visa appointments for you that will align with your relocation process. This can either be at the immigration office in Berlin or at a German embassy overseas.


Workshop on How to Set Up in Berlin

In your first week in Berlin, we will run a group workshop covering all the key administrative steps to setting up in Germany including address registration, health insurance, banking, job hunting, apartment hunting, transport and visas. In the session, you will have the opportunity to ask questions regarding setting up in the city.


Company Listings & Job Hunting

We provide listings of over 500 companies in Berlin which hire English speakers and international staff, with company contact details and, where possible, contacts for the recruiter. Our English-speaking company listings include international companies, startups, restaurants, bars, schools, hostels and more. We also provide extensive listings of top job boards and relevant Facebook and LinkedIn groups for finding jobs in Berlin. 

Further to this, we offer a wide range of job hunting information for Germany as well as German-style CV templates and examples.



Famed for its bureaucracy, Germany can seem like a minefield when it comes to setting up. Whether registering an address, searching for an apartment or applying for a visa, the necessary information is hard to find, often outdated and rarely in English. To tackle this, we have constructed a comprehensive relocation platform that will serve as your one-stop-shop for everything related to relocating to Berlin. Whether you require visa information and application guidance, information about signing up for German health insurance or advice about finding a long-term apartment and employment in the city, our relocation platform aims to guide you through the relocation process step by step.


We not only provide all the necessary administrative information for setting up in Berlin but also translated copies of relevant forms and completed example forms to ensure you complete them correctly. By providing all relevant links and documents, as well as information about English-speaking services, we aim to make your move to Berlin as stress-free as possible.

Pre-departure Relocation Checklist

While German bureaucracy is complicated, it is generally fairly logical. But understanding the order that things need to be done can often be a real headache. We will assess your situation and give you access to a relocation checklist, so you know exactly what you need to do once you arrive in Berlin and when and where you need to do it.

The checklist is also a great reference document and we expand on all the different steps in our relocation platform, so you have all the necessary information to hand.

Eligibility & Refund Policy

Click here to check whether you are eligible for this programme. 

Book now to secure your spot as places are limited. We look forward to meeting you in Berlin!

Accommodation & Address Registration

The Berlin Kickstarter programme includes 30-day private studio accommodation. Our fully-equipped short-term accommodation is located just 20 minutes by S-Bahn from the city centre and serves as the perfect base to start your new life in Berlin. 


Importantly, you are able to register your address (Anmeldung) at the apartments, a crucial administrative step to getting set up in Germany. You will be provided with all the necessary address registration documents upon checking in. While you will have your own private studio apartment, all Kickstarter participants will be staying in the same building, making it both a sociable and comfortable living set-up for your first weeks in Berlin. For further information about our short-term accommodation, check out our accommodation page.

The Berlin Kickstarter programme also includes a listing of 20+ mid-term accommodation providers that can be booked for after your initial 30-day stay at our short-term accommodation. Our 30-day accommodation ensures you complete your address registration in your first week in Berlin (which helps expedite the relocation process), after which we recommend taking a mid-term place from the list provided.

Welcome Dinner, Events & Tours

Establishing a social network is important for feeling happy in any city. While Berliners are generally very sociable, Berlin is still a big city and can feel lonely without the right social support. We ensure you get to meet fellow newcomers right from the start of your time in Germany. In addition to welcome drinks, we will run 5 further events in your first 6 weeks in Berlin and additional alumni events throughout the year. These may include:

  • Summer picnics and BBQs

  • Street Art Tour & Workshop 

  • Bar crawls and Späti crawls

  • Mayday street party in Kreuzberg

  • Fête de la Musique street party

  • Carnival of Cultures street party

  • Drinks in an old video store

  • Party in a secret cellar

  • Shuffleboard and skittles evenings

  • Open-air day parties

  • Street food markets

  • Christmas markets

  • Live music nights

  • Comedy nights

  • Critical Mass city bike ride


These events are all included in the Kickstarter programme and are great for meeting people from all across the globe during your time in Berlin.

Visas & Work Permits

We provide detailed step-by-step information on applying for the following visas:


  • Employment Visa / Residence Permit for Employment

  • Working Holiday & Youth Mobility Visa

  • Residence Permit for Freelance Employment (applying in Germany only)

  • EU Blue Card

  • Job Seekers Visa / Residence Permit for Job Seekers

  • Au Pair Visa / Residence Permit to Work as an Au Pair

  • Student Visa / Residence Permit to Study

  • Language School Visa / Residence Permit to Attend a Language School


We provide information on all the key steps to securing your visa, from eligibility and document requirements to what you need to do at your appointments. We provide the relevant forms, examples and translations. We have extensive knowledge of the different application processes as well as the common pitfalls and challenges that surround applying for a visa in Germany.