The Ultimate Resource for Moving to Berlin

Over the last three years, we have worked tirelessly to collate all the information that we believe is essential to know when moving to Berlin. We have combined our own extensive experience of helping people relocate to the German capital with countless meetings with government agencies, visa offices, German embassies and immigration lawyers. The end result is a relocation platform that gives clear and concise instructions on all admin and visa processes as well as detailed information of the best English-speaking services in the city.

Nomaden Berlin’s relocation platform removes a lot of the guesswork involved in moving to Berlin. We lay out exactly what you need to do upon arrival in Berlin, as well as where and when you need to do it. This step-by-step approach will significantly reduce your set up time, allowing you to focus on what really counts – enjoying the magical city of Berlin.

Rather than trawling through outdated and misleading blogs and articles, in the process wasting 100s of hours, our relocation platform covers everything from finding a job and apartment in Berlin, registering your address and getting a tax ID, applying for health insurance and setting up a bank account, applying for your visa and work permit, paying taxes and much much more.

Resources & Relocation Platform

Our comprehensive relocation platform covers the following topics:



  •  Address registration. Detailed information about how to register your address, where to register and how to book an appointment at your local town hall (Bürgeramt). We have included completed example forms as well as a German letter that you can show at your appointment.

  • Bank account. Information about the best bank accounts in Berlin, including pros and cons and how to open an account. We highlight the most English-friendly banking services and profile the main banking options in Berlin.

  • Health Insurance. We provide in-depth detail of Germany’s complicated health insurance system. We lay out the different forms of health insurance you will need in Germany depending on whether you are a full-time employee, a student or self-employed. Added to this, we provide contact details for our dedicated representative at one of Berlin’s top insurers, who will help sign you up for a policy free of charge.

  • Taxes. While living in Germany, you will be subject to national and local taxes. Here we will provide instructions on when and how you pay your income tax as well as information regarding Church Tax and TV and Radio Tax.


Apartment & job hunting

  • Short-term apartment hunting. A listing of 20+ short-term accommodation providers in Berlin that can be quickly booked online with minimal paperwork and that allow address registration (an essential step to getting a tax ID, applying for a visa, etc.). 

  • Long-term apartment hunting
    In-depth guidelines on how best to find an apartment in Berlin including all relevant letting websites, housing databases and Facebook groups. Tips and tricks on how best to apply and secure an apartment as well as information about documentation 
    requirements for securing a lease.

  • Job hunting. Information regarding the German job market, CV and LinkedIn advice, German-style CV templates (essential when applying to companies in Germany).



  • How to apply for a Freelance Tax number. We provide a step-by-step guide to completing the freelance tax ID (Steuernummer) application form, including a completed example form.

  • How to freelance in Germany. We provide information on submitting your freelance tax ID, invoicing (incl. invoice template), value-added tax, completing your income tax return, bookkeeping, deductions and health insurance for freelancers.

  • Freelance Visa. A detailed guide on how to apply for a Freelance Visa (if not from an EU/EEA country), including copies of all relevant forms.


  • Medical services. In the event you need medical treatment in Berlin, we’ve got you covered. We provide a long list of English-speaking doctors in the city as well as a number of useful medical databases. We also provide information about receiving treatment at the weekend or in an emergency as well as helpful tips you should know when booking and attending appointments.

  • Phone & Internet. We provide a rundown of the most popular phone and internet plans in the city.

  • Moving & Furnishing. As many flats in Berlin come unfurnished, we have provided information about where to buy affordable furniture and also services to help you move your belongings from flat to flat.

  • Gas & Electricity. We provide information on how to sign up for an energy supplier in Berlin, including tips on what you need to do when moving into a new apartment.


In addition to the comprehensive resources listed above, Nomaden Berlin also includes information about:


  • Public transport and transport cards

  • Social events, groups and meetups in Berlin

  • Learning German


Our relocation platform will save you time, money and effort, and also help you steer clear of many of the frustrations and pitfalls of moving to Berlin. Our goal is to streamline the relocation process by providing you with accurate, relevant information to help you get set up in your new home both quickly and with minimal stress.

Visas & Work Permits

Our visa support provides clear guidelines on which visas you are eligible for (depending on nationality) and lays out all documentation requirements and any preconditions for applying for each visa. We provide step-by-step information about how, when and where to apply for the following visas:

  • Employment Visa / Residence Permit for Employment

  • Working Holiday & Youth Mobility Visa

  • Residence Permit for Freelance Employment (applying in Germany only)

  • EU Blue Card

  • Job Seekers Visa / Residence Permit for Job Seekers

  • Au Pair Visa / Residence Permit to Work as an Au Pair

  • Language School Visa / Residence Permit to Attend a Language School

  • Student Visa / Residence Permit to Study

We cover everything from booking and attending appointments to the exact documents you need to apply. We also provide completed example forms as well as blank visa application forms to ensure you have all the necessary paperwork correctly completed when applying for a visa for Germany. With our guidance and tips, your chances of securing a visa in Germany will be greatly improved.


Pre-departure Relocation Checklist

While having all the relevant information to hand is essential when moving to Berlin, knowing the order of exactly when to do each administrative step is equally important. To complement our relocation platform, we will assess your specific situation and provide you with a relocation checklist so that you know exactly when, where and how to complete the different steps, and in what order they need to be done.

Company listings & job boards

Berlin is a city experiencing rapid growth, with new work opportunities for internationals being created on a daily basis. But knowing where to start your job search and working out exactly which companies may be open to hiring non-German speakers can be a frustrating and time-consuming task. As part of the Berlin Basic programme, we provide comprehensive listings of over 500 companies in Berlin that hire English speakers, divided into different sectors to give you a clear overview. We have provided links to the different company careers pages and, where possible, contact details of the recruiters.


Also included are listings of 80+ job boards with links, making this the perfect resource for starting your job search. The job boards are included in the relocation platform and we'll email you an editable copy of the company listings so you can track your applications. 


How to book

Click here and you'll be taken to our payment portal to securely pay by PayPal or Stripe. Once payment is confirmed for our Berlin Pro or Berlin Kickstarter programmes, we'll add you to our online relocation platform and send you personalised information regarding your relocation. We will send you a checklist, company listings, CV templates, etc. within 1 - 3 working days of booking the programme.